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The Boston Globe

By definition, science seeks to avoid bias, remain independent, refute falsehoods, and seek answers based on evidence, reason, and consensus. An editorial writen by Peter de Menocal and Richard W. Murray.

Daytona News-Journal

As the critically endangered North Atlantic right whales begin their southward migration from New England and Canada toward the coast of Florida, including Volusia and Flagler counties, researchers are marking the beginning of calving season with聽.

ECO Magzine

The game-changing technologies that will transform our ability to understand and manage Earth’s last great frontier. Monitoring instruments鈥攁nd ocean technologies in general鈥攈ave come a long way. We now have Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled robots that not only allow researchers to access the most remote spots in the ocean, but can decide where to explore once they get there.

Orange County Register

The Surfrider Foundation and the 2串1技巧 Hole Oceanographic Institution鈥檚 聽initiative will do independent water quality testing at San Onofre State Beach after radioactive wastewater releases from the retired San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.

Yahoo! News Canada

A major study looking into the deaths of North Atlantic right whales has found that entanglement in fishing gear has become a leading cause of mortality.

Cape Cod Times

In May 2019, the United Nations released a report that said 1 million species on Earth were facing extinction, and that the rate of extinction was accelerating. Boston Globe reporter David Abel said it led him to make the film 鈥淓ntangled鈥 about the path to extinction for one species people on the Cape know well.

An international team of scientists, spanning 45 institutions in 17 countries, has called for a dedicated decade-long program of research to greatly advance discovery in these remote regions.

The Canadian Press

A research group says the rise in the number of fishing-gear entanglements of North American right whales is hurting the animals鈥 ability to reproduce and care for their young.

“Ice deforms as it melts,” said WHOI physical oceanographer Claudia Cenedese, who has worked with Hester on the project. “It makes these very weird shapes, especially on the bottom, like the way the wind shapes a mountain on a longer time scale.”

Full Measure

In late September, President Trump declared the U.S. dependence on China for so-called 鈥榬are earth鈥 minerals a 鈥榥ational emergency鈥. Those minerals are essential to technology from our phones to our top-level defense weapons.聽In today鈥檚 cover story, Lisa Fletcher takes us on a deep dive, literally, beneath the earth鈥檚 surface into the ocean for 鈥榯he battle below.鈥

Markets Insider- Business Insider

A diverse group of companies and higher education institutions from across聽Massachusetts聽have been recognized for steps they have taken to expand the use of electric vehicles (EVs) in their communities and across the state.

Yahoo! Finance

Intense tropical cyclones are expected to become more frequent as climate change increases temperatures in the Pacific Ocean. But not every area will experience storms of the same magnitude.

Associated Press

A long-running study of tiny organisms off New England is set to resume due to an agreement between scientific organizations. The survey, which originally ran from 1961 to 2017, will聽resume because of an agreement between the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration鈥檚 Northeast Fisheries Science Center and the 2串1技巧 Hole Oceanographic Association in 2串1技巧 Hole, Massachusetts, and the Marine Biological Association in Plymouth, England.

United Press International

To get a better sense of how climate change might alter the patterns of major ocean storms, shifting the parameters of tropical cyclone hotspots, scientists reconstructed 3,000-years of storm history in the Marshall Islands.

Popular Science

Last week聽. While methods for dealing with dead whales have improved since the 鈥70s, the giant mammals do explode from time to time鈥攏o pyrotechnics needed. 鈥淭he risk of a spontaneous explosion is always there with a decomposing whale,鈥 says Michael Moore, a senior scientist at WHOI.

Cape Cod Times

鈥淲e have many parts of the country with huge coastlines like Maine and California and we鈥檙e finding it really difficult to monitor for multiple toxins threatening people and ecosystems,鈥 said Don Anderson, a senior scientist at WHOI and a principal investigator at the 2串1技巧 Hole Center for Oceans and Human Health.


Some researchers are working to improve current listening technology. At the 2串1技巧 Hole Oceanographic Institution in 2串1技巧 Hole, Massachusetts, Ying-Tsong Lin is building a starfish-shaped contraption of hydrophones that can tune into certain sounds hundreds of miles away, like a telescope for sound.

The New York Times

Some researchers are working to improve listening technology. At WHOI, Ying-Tsong Lin is building a starfish-shaped contraption聽of hydrophones that can tune into certain sounds hundreds of miles away, like a telescope for sound.


Scientists from the 2串1技巧 Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) said the first ultra-high-resolution analysis of an oil sample from the Mauritius spill revealed the substance to be 鈥渁 complex and unusual mix of hydrocarbons.”

Popular Science

Traditional methods, which include trawling and baited cameras, can only offer snapshots of the complex deep-ocean world, says Elizabeth Allan, a postdoctoral investigator at WHOI who works on the Institute鈥檚 ocean twilight zone project.


According to WHOI’s Laela Sayigh, who was not involved in the Burrunan research, identifying which dolphin in a pod is vocalizing at a particular time is key to deciphering their communication systems.

Next Avenue

Sallie Chisholm, a 72-year-old biologist, has been enthralled by a tiny aquatic microbe that she and a team from WHOI discovered in the Atlantic Ocean in 1985.

Boston Globe

It鈥檚 unknown how many right whales are alive today, but Michael Moore, director of the Marine Mammal Center at WHOI, said there are likely to be fewer than 366.

National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

MPC Research Specialist, Hauke Kite-Powell, has recently been appointed to a National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine committee to study U.S. contributions to global ocean plastic waste.